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How it works

Receipts input

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Why Receclip

We all encounter problems while dealing with the receipts, if you find the follow points are familiar, then you might need Receclip

  • A basket of receipts

    I have a lot of receipts need to input to my excel, they look similar, same shop, same categories, it takes me time to input the same things again and again.

  • Accounts

    I have more than one business, I want to manage the expense with different account in one app.

  • Online service or OCR not really help

    I've tried some online service or OCR, it take times to upload to their server, however their CS only input some random fields, but I need to verify and correct them again, OCR just generate alien symbol to me, it just waste my time!

  • Privacy

    I don't like someone can track me from my submitted receipts.


Awesome Features

Receclip is a receipts organiser designed for indie and small business, difference to the exist apps on the market, Receclip provide a quicker way for you to input a batch of receipts that stored in your shoebox for a while. You can export to CSV or PDF for any further manipulation.

Receipts Entry

User can either input their receipts by camera or photo library to your desire account, or, you already have a list of receipts? No worry, we provide a import function for you to import a batch of existing receipts, Click me to learn more.

Receipts List

You can find your receipts easily by using the filter and sorting function in the receipts list, if you found your receipts is in wrong account, just use the move function, you can move them anywhere you want.

Cloud Storage

After you select the receipts that require further manipulation for exmaple - tax preparation or book keeping or what, you are not only send them to your email, but also can upload to your cloud storage, such as iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive.


Receclip can let you export your sorted receipts list as csv by email, you can also export the list with supporting photos. If you found there is too many files, you can also save all of them in a PDF file.


  • Passcode
  • European Style CSV export
  • Tags (Currency, Category, Vendor, Payment Method)
  • Advance receipts search function
    • Quick search
    • Sorting (Amount, Date)
    • Range Filter (Amount, Date, Financial year)
  • Inter-account receipts move


We have some useful feature available as in-app-purchase, you can buy it from the app when you felt it is suitable.

Currency Exchange IAP
Currency Exchange
  • Report Generation with Currency Exchange to the specific date (Support List)
  • 5 times Trial before buy
Remove Advertisement IAP
Remove Ads
  • Remove all advertisement permanently from the app
Multiple Images Support IAP
Multiple Images Support
  • Add more images (up to 5) to support your receipts
Export As PDF IAP
Export As PDF
  • Report can export in PDF format
  • 5 times Trial before buy
Dropbox Support IAP
Dropbox Support
  • Able to upload to Dropbox
Google Drive IAP
Google Drive Support
  • Able to upload to Google Drive
Unlimited Receipts IAP
Unlimited Receipts
  • Remove Receipts Store limit from the Free Version
Unlimited Accounts IAP
Unlimited Accounts
  • Remove Account limit from the Free Version

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